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It is just a body. The more you can be neutral about a body, the better. Bodies change, and many times they change from things out of your control. Bodies do not, and never will, have anything to do with your value.

—Bevin Branlandingham  (via lostgal49)

(Source: queerfatfemme, via just-a-skinny-boy)

No new horror can be more terrible than the daily torture of the commonplace.

—H P Lovecraft (via itsquoted)

Are you really sure that a floor can’t also be a ceiling?

—M.C. Escher (via thingsandschemes)

We adore chaos because we like to restore order.

—M. C. Escher. (via marston7oceans)


How Bout Dem Apple’s … Drawing.


How Bout Dem Apple’s … Drawing.